Colorado has incredible cycling country that's the envy of road and mountain cyclists worldwide.  While many riders come here to experience our incredible terrain, climate, and scenery, the economic potential of bicycle tourism to the state has yet to be fully realized. Tourism is the lifeblood that sustains the economies of many rural towns in Colorado and our goal is to maximize and channel bicycle tourism revenues to towns that offer the best cycling experiences and amenities.  The combination of bicycle friendly roads with host town amenities and marketing will brand Colorado as the top cycling destination state in the country, and mulitply the estimated $143-193 million dollars we already enjoy in incremental revenue from destination cycling.   

Reference:  CDOT Ecomomic Impact of Bicycling and Walking in Colorado 2000  

Our Mission

We promote safe, bicycle friendly roads and trails that create  extraordinary cycling experiences for the benefit of riders, host towns, and Colorado's economy.

the Vision

Epic Cycling Routes are like the National Parks of Cycling. We envision a set of the best cycling roads and trails that create riding circuits, meaning they start and end at the same location.  These routes are designated as Epic Cycling Routes similar to the Scenic Byways designation in Colorado.  Epic Cycling Routes are chosen by their quality of riding experience based on low traffic volumes, safety, unspoiled environment, varied terrain, and vistas that uniquely identify with Colorado.  Epic Cycling Towns are host communities along these routes.  They, and sponsors provide amenities that complete an extrordinary cycling experience that attracts patrons for economic vitality. 


  •  Prioritize Bicycle Tourism 
  • Adequate shoulders
  • Smooth Surfaces
  • No Roto-grade shoulders
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Quick Elimination of road hazards 
  • Clean Roads
  • Paved circuitous routes
  • Amenities
  • Signage 
  • Priorize Bicycle Tourism:  Lightly traveled back roads are the best for cycling but funding for road construction and maintenance is often tied to traffic volume.   Instead of vehicle counts, we advocate the economic benefit of Bicycle Tourism as an important consideration in the funding criteria for roads so they can qualify as an Epic Cycling Route.
  • Adequate Shoulders.  Roads include a paved 3 foot minimum shoulder in each direction designated by a solid white line
  • Smooth Surfaces:  The road should be paved with a smooth surface like asphalt or concrete.   Chip seal should be avoided whenever possible and never used in the shoulder area
  • No Roto-grade shoulders:  Roto-grading is the grinding of the road surface to create a series of depressions.  Roto-grading creates a dangerous road surface to cyclists especially in corners.  Roto-grading encourages cyclists to ride in the traffic lane when the shoulder is left un-swept of debris or is inadequate in width. Therefore, we advocate the complete prohibition of roto-grading in the shoulder
  •  Environmental Stewardship:  We stay on the trail or road, leave no litter or pollution behind
  • Quick Elimination of Road Hazards:  Hazards should be corrected quickly and reported to authorities as soon as possible
  • Clean Roads:  Roads are regularly swept to remove sand and debris
  • Paved Circuitous Routes:  We advocate the paving of lightly traveled rural roads that complete natural riding circuits and the creation of trails that do the same.
  • Amenities:  We encourage public and private sector partnerships in projects that create amenities to support riders and its resulting commerce
  • Signage:  A route qualifies as an Epic Cycling Route based on criteria and designated as such with signage similar to the Scenic Byways Designation