Here's the current list of projects:


Epic Cycling Route 1

A route starting in Lyons, up Highway 7 to the Peak to Peak Highway (CO-72) through Raymond, South to Ward then down Left Hand Canyon back to Lyons.  To earn the Epic Cycling Route designation the following requirements should be included in the reconstruction plans:

  • Maintain a minimum 2 foot shoulder in each direction on CO-7 from Lyons to the intersection of CO-72 Peak to Peak highway, 3 foot shoulder is preferred
  • Maintain a minimum 2 foot shoulder in each direction on CO-72, 3 foot shoulder is preferred
  • In Left Hand Canyon maintain a 2 foot shoulder whenever possible, a 1 foot shoulder is OK in tight areas but should be an exception  
  • Any reconstructed sections of  Colorado Highway 7, CO-72, Left hand Canyon Road and County Road 103 through Riverside should be repaved with smooth asphalt not chip seal
  • Remove concrete barriers in the narrows area of Colorado Highway 7 and replace with lower height guard rails
  • Maintain to Bicycle Friendly Standards


Amenities are funded by private grants and donations or Epic Cycling Host Towns.  Epic Cycling Routes encourages sponsors to Adopt a section of an Epic Cycling Route and include amenities that create exceptional cycling experiences. 

Lyons Cycling Park:  The town of Lyons and sponsors are considering the construction of a Cycling Park in town.  The cycling park would include parking spaces, a drinking fountain, bathrooms with showers and an area for changing into and out of cycling clothes.

Water Hole:  Upgrade the water hole at marker 24 CO-7 with picnic tables, latrine, water fountain, and possibly a tire rope swing to dive in.





Epic Cycling Route 2

Starting at Spring Canyon Park in Fort Collins, up to Horsetooth reservoir on Centennial Road, North to Bellevue then West on Rist Canyon Road to Stove Prairie.  Head South on Stove Prairie Road through Buckhorn Canyon to Masonville, return to Fort Collins. 

  • Road reconstruction of the narrows section along Buckhorn Creek.  Repaved in smooth asphalt
  • Maintain a 2 foot shoulder in Rist Canyon, Stove Prairie Road and Buckhorn Canyon Road whenever possible, 1 foot minimum by exception
  • Maintain a 2 foot shoulder in County Road 38 from Masonville to Fort Collins and on Centennial Road through Horsetooth reservior to Belleview
  • Maintain to Bicycle friendly standards


  • A seasonal water fountain located along Rist Canyon, possibly funded by donations to the Rist Volunteer Fire Department
  • A cycling cool off water hole along Buckhorn creek and along Centennial Drive in Horsetooth reservoir
  • A small hut at the top of Rist Canyon or at the Stove Prairie school yard equipped with lightning arrestors

Bicycle Friendly Maintenance Standards

  Sets a standard for how the road is maintained in the future the standards include:

  • Future repaving plans are done with smooth asphalt in the shoulder areas
  • The traffic lanes may be chip sealed but its preferred these be paved in smooth asphalt whenever possible
  • No roto-grading of any shoulder area
  • Shoulder area is separated from the traffic lane by a solid white line
  • Frequent sweeping to remove debris and maintenance to remove hazards or holes and painting