Fix Loveland 57th Street Trail to Nowhere

57th Street in north Loveland is a heavily traveled cycling thouroghfare for cyclists riding between Fort Collins and Loveland to prime riding country to the west and south. Masonville, Carter Lake, the Big Thompson canyon are all accessed through 57th Street because it avoids riding through Loveland. Most cyclists know about this route, but what many don't know is there's a nifty tunnel under Highway 287 just north of 57th St. but its virtually inaccessible from that road because its not been connected. The tunnel is part of a bike path that can be easily accessed at County Road 11 or 13 out by Boyd lake which is sweet, but the path abruptly ends about a 1/2 mile west of 287 on the ridge above the railroad tracks with no way to reaccess 57th street.

57th St. is especially trencherous for eastbound cyclists. The road is a rider's nightmare punctiated by chip seal shoulder drop offs, and recessed manhole covers that require you to swerve in and out of traffic since there's no paved shoulder around them. Then to top it all off, eastbound cyclists get to ride against traffic through a narrow divided offramp from Highway 287 so they can access an old path that connects to the tunnel under 287.

Epic Cycling Routes calls on Larimer County and the City of Loveland to expedite the completion of the bike path all the way out to Wilson Avenue in West Loveland, thereby providing a safe passageway for thousands of local cyclists. We will be contacting authorities in Loveland and Larimer Country about this. Check back here for updates and status.

Get Buff at Adventure Fitness Athletic Club

So happy to announce our newest sponsor, Adventure Fitness Athletic Club at 12301 Grant ST Suite 201 in Thornton CO. This is a great independent club with friendly and knowledgable staff, all the weights you would ever need, classes, power plates, climbing wall. Epic Cycling Routes members get an incredible deal. Hear me now and believe me later, when your upper body is in shape you ride stronger. Check it out in the sponsor page

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Boulder Beer is Oasis Taproom #1

Hot off the presses. I'm happy to annouce that Boulder Beer, the state's first craft brewer famous for its Singletrack Pale Ale, Sweaty Betty Hefeweizen, and Shake Chocolate Porter is Epic Cycling Routes first Oasis Taproom. Epic Cycling Members get $1.00 off any of Boulder Beer's tasty brews they order in their taproom. Here's how it works: Members who ask to be sponsored when they sign up receive an email with a password to our Member's only web page. Just take your phone with you into the Taproom, show any of the waitstaff you can log into the Members only page. The Members page lists the Oasis sponsors and the deals they give members. Its sort of clunky, but easier than using an ID card.

*Help any IOS or Andriod developers out there? * In the future it would be great if we could have a downloadable app for the phone to make it easy for sponsors to give members special promotions or invitations to events, but for now this will do. Any IOS or Andriod developers out there??

Boulder Beer is a great place to kick off a group ride. Meet, ride, enjoy some great food and a brew with your friends. Thanks Boulder Beer for making cycling even better in Colorado!

Oasis Sponsors

So you've finished up an Epic ride and want to grab a bite to eat and a beer, what do you do? Head over to an Official Oasis Brewpub where you'll be welcomed with a special deal on food and drink. That's the idea behind what I'm calling the Oasis program. I'm working now to develop a network of Oasis businesses starting with brewpubs but expect this will expand to include a variety of businesses like wineries, or bed and breakfasts that welcome members with special deals. Stay tuned for more on this in the future. I have proposals out to 6 brewpubs now but want to add many more. If you have contacts at brewpubs that might be interested then send me an email with their contact info. Don't forget to tell your friends too. We're making cycling more awesome in Colorado.

Excel Sports Sponsorship

Great news...Excel Sports has agreed to be an equipment sponsor for registered members of Epic Cycling Routes.  Excel is a premier online cycling pro shop in Boulder with an incredible selection of apparel, bikes, frames, components, you name it, they got it.  As an added bonus, registered members are added to their "Hush" list and receive early notice of sales by email so you can take advantage of the best selection of sale merchandise ahead of the general public.  Check out how this incredible sponsorship works by visiting the Excel Sports page by clicking on their logo on the Sponsors page of the site.  Be patient as I have to send Excel the databse of registed members every month.  Expect your sponsorship to be active by the 5th day of the next month after you register on the site.  Thanks Excel Sports for helping Epic Cycling Routes make cycling incredible in Colorado!